Five Free Resources For Web Developers

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Why do we need all the resources we can get?

Web development is a constantly evolving field. Keeping up with the latest industry standards and best practices is crucial for successful web developers. Thankfully there are plenty of free resources that can help us stay in touch with the current best practices. Here we’ll cover just five of these great resources. There are many others that I won’t be covering, feel free to comment on any other free resources you think people should know about.

Free Code Camp

First off, I would like to mention They offer a huge selection of courses and topics to choose from. With a great curriculum covering all of the basic front-end languages along with frameworks and more. The interactivity and user flow of the courses makes it almost feel like a puzzle game. This will enable learners to have an enjoyable hands-on learning experience. A large community has been created behind freeCodeCamp, which makes for another great resource to utilize.

Mozilla Developer Network

MDN or Mozilla Developer Network is essentially the holy grail of up-to-date references and browser compatibility. Maintained by the creators of the Firefox browser it serves as a reliable resource for comprehensive documentation. Containing guides on web technologies, best practices, and web standards. MDN is a site to keep on your radar.


Another one is W3Schools. It’s a popular resource that offers guides and references for many web development technologies. The platform is a great place to start getting a foothold on the languages you’ve chosen. Also featuring a code editor, it allows you to play around with the code to see what makes it tick.


GitHub has the world’s largest community of developers. It is the most popular version control system today, used by the likes of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many more. Offering a vast collection of open-source projects, libraries, and frameworks available for exploration. They also provide documentation, and insightful techniques for developers.

Stack Overflow

The last one I will mention is Stack Overflow. It is a Q&A platform for developers. If you have a question, there might already be a post about it there. Upvoted answers to the questions get filtered to the top of the posts. If not, go ahead and make your own. With another huge community behind it, there are always people there who will gladly respond to your questions.


That is my list of five free resources for web developers. Using these free resources, I hope you can take the right steps for yourself to progress in your journey.