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Hello World!

Welcome everyone. My name is Conner Teevan, and this is my blog about my journey into the wide world of ever-shifting technologies and tools. Although I am not a professional engineer, I hope to provide value to all my readers. This blog will share my perspectives and be a place to share and learn with others. Please don’t hesitate to give feedback, and I look forward to learning together with you.

In 2020, many of us found that we had more time than usual. I had not been very excited about the future outlook of my position as a sales associate at a local retail store. When I was looking for something new, I stumbled upon web development. Enamored by the blend of technical and creative aspects, I was very interested. I found a few resources and followed a few tutorials, and that’s where it all began.

I am currently a student at a local junior college and enjoy toying around and learning new things in my spare time. Here, I will keep everyone updated on my projects. As well as share posts featuring an assortment of technological topics, from UI/UX to databases and much more. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stop by again soon!